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Celebrate Asian Joy is an organization founded by Riza Takahashi in 2021. 

We are committed to supporting and celebrating AAPI theatre artists, filmmakers, and musicians.  

We have created a space to tell their stories through the arts.


The mission of Celebrate Asian Joy is to inspire the AAPI community to walk tall, to proudly and boldly claim our joy.

In response to the most recent social events involving the AAPI community, we want to empower our community to not succumb to the scariness and anger which diminishes our humanity.
Instead we wanted to produce art that both highlights and celebrates Asian joy.

Our hope is to celebrate and showcase our Asian sisters and brothers as well as give our non-AAPI viewers a small glimpse into our lives through the AAPI lens. 


The Music Video "I Choose Joy" has been released!

This Music Video was created with an almost entirely AAPI cast and creative team and we will continue to produce AAPI driven pieces in the future.

Music video cast and crew.jpeg
TSQ 2.jpeg


Help us continue to support and encourage AAPI artists and ensure that we can continue to produce more projects in the near future!

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